Personal Development Programs​​​​​​​

Personal Development Programs aren't just about building confidence to tackle the world.  Personal Development should be about "YOU" overcoming obstacles, fighting through the fight or flight emotions and achieving goals you've set for yourself.  It's about becoming the best YOU you can be and dominating life as it was designed.  Our PD programs are filled with M.I.N.D.S.E.T Transformational activities.  We also share proven strategies that our team have learned and use daily throughout our lives.  These are tips and strategies that have been kept away from so many communities--and with the Vertex Life Skills Accelerator, each participant will see how easy it is to live your best life now!  

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Change Your Outcomes By

Learning New Behaviors

Contact us for more information on training, curriculum and coaching solutions.  We work with corporations, non-profits, local community leaders and national advocates. 

​​​​​​​ Workforce Development & Readiness

​​​​​​​Unlike many of the other Personal Accelerator Programs, we focus on the absolute necessities to sustainable success beyond High School.  Our team will equip participants with everything they will need to build an amazing career starting with Career Mapping Strategies, Training Plans, Action Steps, and a blueprint you can establish today that will be relevant over the next ten years.  Workforce Readiness Programs and coached by entrepreneurs, former hiring managers, recruiting executives, and corporate managers.  These are the people who can guide you and your professional survival in the right direction and coach you through the challenges along the way.  

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​​​​​​​ Leadership Programs

​​​​​​​Our leadership programs are very special.  Simply because they are designed and coached by former NFL All Pro Mike Minter from the Carolina Panthers.  His 12 Step Leadership program has mentored and guided hundreds of people to better decision making, planning the right strategies to professional growth, and developing the mindset of a professional.  His leadership course is coupled with an entire host of activities and exercised that middle school aged children will get motivated to change--and tenaged or adults who participate can gain the same results even though the content is scaled to a mature audience.  This is a one of a kind leadership program that is guaranteed to get you results.  

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 Academic Improvement 

​​​​​​​Building good habits and behaviors are fundamental to excelling academically.  Organizations who seek our programs to help young students apply themselves, will see tremendous improvements within weeks.  These programs are designed to focus on tasks, accountability, structure, STEM literacy and expansion of their knowledge base. In other words, we help the realize how cool it can be to have a "Kaizen" approach to life and professional careers.  Meaning, we teach them the continous improvement method of life and learning as an adult.  This methodology will be centered on having a Kaizen-Based Strategy to applying yourself academically and preparing for continued education after high school, vocational training or in college.  For others who arent' preparing for post-secondary education, we also establish a gameplan for Vocational Training or Military options as a baseline foundation toward the future.  Our academic programs improve STEM, corporate and personal development. 

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These are the "Bootcamps" for participants who need more accountability in their lives.  Our custom bootcamps are designed to focus on two to three core skills that need to be developed and mastered before engaging in the full "ecosystem" of readiness.  Just like many of our students, we all have a story that can relate to many of the circumstances people are facing today.  In these bootcamp style workshops, we cut out the fluff and get straight to what needs to change to get on track to success.  We include accountability action plans, focus groups, mentors, and activities to help get participants out of the comfort zone and into a space of embracing change.  Bootcamps are very successful and graduates are more likely to maintain what they learned as they work with assigned coaches after each session.  

 Accountability Programs

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Agents Of Change

Knowledge that sets you free!

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The leadership team offers a strong history of helping people find success through coaching and placement.  We have experts in our program who have worked in business roles ranging from Recruiting, College Admissions, Human Resources, Staffing, Military and Spouce Onboarding.  Participants will benefits from a global network channel to local and national academic institutes, recruiting companies and enterprise level companies who are seeking new talent.  For students who are interested in serving our country, we have military veterans who can help provide a strategic plan to which branch offers the best opportunity and choosing the proper occupation for long-term success.  We deliver a very unique blend of transitional solutions for each student who graduates from one of our programs.  

 Coaching & Placement Services