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Hope, Healing, New Skills Development For A Bright Future

Over the last decade, our goal has been to share the expertise of over 50 years of "real world" experience from our team.  The APSi and Vertex Group has made changing lives the mission and participants of every workforce development program has been able to benefit from this level of knowledge.  Each life or workforce skills program is specifically designed to uncover academic, career, social, emotional and personal potential using a systematic approach to success.  

Our highly skilled staff consist of senior executives, award-winning entrepreneurs, certified coaches, former NFL Professionals, military instructors and officers.  These are professionals who are passionate about helping people and coaching throughout the entire journey.  

The Vertex Accelerator Programs create change!  Students/Participants are exposed to world class instruction that maximize success at every level of education and workforce readiness.  We are the best solution for youth groups, corporate environments, at risk youth, community groups, leadership teams and others.  Chossing the Vertex Accelerators is the program for your organization if you are serious about developing new skills and building a brighter future.  

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Coach Daron Sellars

Program Manager

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Coach Scott Coulter

Program Director

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Coach Mike Minter

Board Member

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Coach Jim Geter

Board Member 

Our VLSA Executive Team

Meet the amazing Vertex Life Skills Accelerator Team. These are the core professionals who were instrumental in building a program that gets results!

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Contact us for more information on training, curriculum and coaching solutions.  We work with corporations, non-profits, local community leaders and national advocates.