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Life & Workfroce ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Skills Accelerator

Building A Better You!

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Engaging Instruction 

There are a lot of great programs accross the globe, but what makes the Vertex Life Skills Accelerator so powerful is the engagement between the students and our instructors.  We focus on sustainability.  Students will be challenged, entertained, interact and enjoy building new skills with our team. 

Evidence-Based Training

The Vertex Life & Workforce Skills Accelerators are customizable using evidence-based curriculum, globally recognized framework, proven methodologies and a team of profesionals who are dedicated to provide "real world" instruction to simulate life and workforce activities.  

Multiple Learning Formats

We wanted the program to be flexible for all types of learning environments.  Each customizable program can be delivered in instructor-led, e-Learning, on-demand, group or train-the-trainer formats.  

Adult & Youth Programs

There are several variations of the Life & Workforce Skills Programs to meet the needs of the audience.  We've designed a corporate version, youth (Middle School), teenage (High School/College) and a version for the workforce adult. 

Innovative Training

The Vertex Accelerator Programs

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The Vertex Lifeskill or Workforce Accelerator Programs are a powerful innovative approach to building skills that lead to sustainable success in life and any professional career.  Each custom program focuses on combining skill building and occupational/educational coaching with relatable life experiences.  Our program is evidence based and proven to help participants who have been identified as disconnected or disadvantaged communities learn how to overcome social obstacles to gain a clear pathway to growth.  

Community partners are able to share their outcomes with our team and our experts will build programs that target the needs of the students and through coaching, mentorship, relevant content and hands-on projects.  Students can expect to be exposed to amazing topics (based on age group), home assignments, career and educational selection tasks and instructors who will engage them each day.  For more information, feel free to contact us below.   

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Our Life Skills Training Courses

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Skills Gap


Employers Open
Jobs not filled


Less than 35% HS Students College Ready


Low Income Students Graduate College

Power Skills Are Connected

Life Skills Development is directly connected to personal and professional success.  These Power Skills affect workforce readiness, career sustainability, college graduation and community disparity gaps. 

 Change Your Outcomes By 

Learning New Behaviors

Contact us for more information on training, curriculum and coaching solutions.  We work with corporations, non-profits, local community leaders and national advocates.